6.9MWe Gas
Powered Peaking Plant

Danby Projects were appointed to carry out the civil and structural installation to this new 6.9MWe Gas powered Peaking Plant in Derbyshire.


Our role in this project involved the design and installation of all of the civil elements to facilitate the generators and ancillary equipment.


The work was carried out under stringent health and safety conditions, taking into consideration adjacent rail line, DNO sub station and working beneath over head power lines. All adjacent to a residential area.


In order to get to the site area, Danby Projects had to design and construct a 250m long haul road, beneath overhead power lines and across farm land. To handle the high axle loads from the 60T generators we incorporated proprietary sub-base reinforcement, which enabled us to reduce the road thickness from 600mm to 300mm, creating a significant saving for our client.


Once access to the site was established we moved quickly to complete the designs and install the the civil infrastructure to meet our clients critical path.


  • Design of all elements.
  • 250m long access road through farm land.
  • Cut and fill to form site compound and main site area of 1700m2.
  • Gas generator foundations.
  • Foundations to ancillary equipment, such as: permanent welfare unit, standby generator, gas conditioning plant
  • Switchroom and DNO foundations / service pits.
  • Installation and testing of gas main to generators.
  • Installation of permanent water main to site.
  • Drainage diversions.
  • Criblock retaining wall.
  • Security fencing.
  • 4m high acoustic fencing.
  • Underground earthing system.
  • Underground ducting and draw pits etc.

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