20th April 2015

CDM Regulation Changes

The new CDM Regulations 2015 came into force earlier this month with the CDM co-ordinator role being made obsolete and replaced with the newly created role of principal designer.

Previously known as planning supervisor in the 1994 CDM regulations, the principal designer will undertake responsibility for coordination of the pre-construction phase of the project – which is crucial to the management of any successful construction project. This role will entail tasks such as preparing the health and safety file during the pre-construction phase, reviewing, updating and revising it during the course of the project before passing it on to the client upon completion.

The role of principal designer will be appointed by the client if there is to be more than one contractor present during the project. The client must also take responsibility to ensure that the principal designer complies with their duties, so is required to be informed and aware of the progress of the project at all stages.

The development of the principal designer role has been conceived to ensure the pre-construction function is integrated into the project team, advising on all health and safety matters to the entire design and construction team from initial planning through to completion of the construction process. The principal designer will ensure the principal contractor has considered all risks associated with the project.

Other changes include the removal of the ‘competence’ requirement in CDM 2007, replaced with ‘the necessary skills, knowledge, training and experience’. There is a duty to make sure all employees are fully competent and have the right skills, knowledge, training and experience to effectively and successfully do their job. In addition, a new ruling states that all projects must have a written construction phase plan.

Whilst the new regulations may appear to increase workloads and planning time, here at Danby Projects, we are confident that we are compliant and welcome the changes that came into practice on 6th April 2015. Our team is competent, knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of the design and construction processes, and strive to adhere to all health and safety legislation without fail.

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